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Quantec Biocommunication Scan (Internet) Long Distance
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Quantec Biocommunication Scan (Internet) Long Distance

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The Quantec Biocommunication Device, scans from a digital photo, the energy fields of the subject, be it  human, animal, insect, plant, soil or water.

The scan results are interpreted, drawing on information embedded in the database (more than a million bits of information) on the computer.

The digital photo captures the electronic (photons) address,  foot or finger print of the subject and the Quantec then communicates with the subject’s morphic field (Energy field).  Reflecting dis-eases or imbalances within the body are detected. The computer calculates  what energy fields are out of balance. Vibrations which are required to restore balance, are then broadcasted at an ultra high frequency  to the subject, irrespective of where the person is living.. This broadcast lasts for 10 – 15 seconds every 3 hours for as long as required, a day, week or even months. A summarized printed version of the broadcast is provided to the client by email or fax.

This scan indicates, in the case of humans, emotions, physical state of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, tissue salts and recommended actions to be taken by the subject.

Vibrational Medicine teaches that health and sickness are “manifestations of “ERRANT” energy at the subtle energy level.  Healing requires establishment of energy “balance” before the body can become “whole”.

Vibrational medicine is a blend of Western and Eastern thought and produces wonderful results.

Vebrational Medicine (VM) sees the physical body as the signature or footprint of the invisible “electric” body.  VM is based on Einstein’s view of matter, which says, “matter will release energy when taken apart.” For example, the splitting of an atom in an atomic explosion.

The Einstein model sees the human being as a network of energy fields that co-exist and coalesce: that is, condensed energy resonating at a healthy or sick frequency.  (Mother Earth's frequency is between 7.8-8.1 Hertz.)

Vibrational healing manipulates energy.  An example of energy manipulation would be running a magnet over a computer disc or a DVD.  The magnet neutralizes energy stored on the disc by canceling the “signature” or “footprint” of the energy message.  If the energy message on the disc were a dis-ease “condition,” a positive change in health would occur when the negative “signature” is neutralized!  Whenever positive energy gains the upper hand, the body returns to a state of “homeostasis” (health balance).  Because life is energy and energy is matter, we must conclude that life and energy are manifestations of the same phenomenon.  Vibrational medicine’s focus is “energy”.

Radionics is used by some alternative farmers.  It involves “broadcasting” beneficial energy frequencies into soil and air to “feed” plants, animals and microbes.  Compare this practice to a radio station that transmits a melody that is picked- up by radio for our enjoyment.  Properly used, radionics enhances production of highly nutritious food by controlling the “energy” environment – and therefore weeds and insects.

Vibrational medicine is gaining popularity because it delivers RESULTS with little risk and no damage to the patient.

Dis-ease is the manifestation of negative energy.  Vibrational medicine offers the ordinary person more CONTROL over their health and life!

The Quantec is the only device yet available and the most advanced in the world that can remotely perform these functions from a digital photograph and details of the subject anywhere in the world.

It operates outside the realm of Newtonian Physics and, which Prof. Einstein admitted he did not understand.

For further details email us your contact details.  This service is now available to you and once you are ready to experience this remote scan,  send us payment via credit card facility on our shopping cart and we will gladly assist you.


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